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4 Great Reasons to Take the Blood Sugar Quiz!

1.EFFECTIVE blood sugar control strategies are NOT "1 size fits all." There are 4 specific challenges that can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate. To avoid dangerous highs and lows, there are specific strategies based on these challenges.

2. Controlling blood sugar is virtually IMPOSSIBLE if you are eating and exercising based on the WRONG challenge type. This is because each type represents a specific blood sugar imbalance.

3. Based on your gender, age, body shape, and 3 other factors... we will accurately determine exactly which blood sugar challenge is affecting your readings, and give you these results for FREE.

4.Controlling blood sugar becomes significantly easier when you follow the FREE plan you will receive immediately after taking this SHORT quiz.

What are the 4 Blood Sugar Challenges?

After working with hundreds of patients over the past 30 years who struggle to control their blood sugar due to pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, I have determined that issues regarding imbalanced blood sugar levels are due to 4 specific challenges.

My key discovery is that a MAJOR cause of an individual’s blood sugar imbalance is typically driven by one of these 4 challenges: the Thrifty Genotype, exposure to POPs, low AMPk, or high Cortisol.

Each and every individual is unique, which is why a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. Once you target your specific challenge, you can significantly improve your overall health and quality of life.

If blood sugar highs and lows effect your daily life, then your imbalanced glucose levels are made worse based on your #1 blood sugar challenge.

When given a specific plan designed to target your major challenge naturally, you will experience less spikes and crashes. Maintaining control within the normal range becomes much easier.

You will learn what your specific challenge is, how it affects your readings and what to do about it (for FREE) after taking this short quiz.

Who is Dr. Michael Murray?

I am a graduate, faculty member,
and serve on the Board of Regents of Bastyr University.

For over 35 years, while practicing naturopathic medicine, I have been compiling a massive database of original scientific studies from the medical literature which provide strong evidence on the effectiveness of diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural measures in the treatment of disease. 

Having written over 35 books on healing with natural medicine and the father of 3 children, I have become passionate about seeking safe, scientifically validated solutions towards the health issues that currently plague western society.

Helping people regain control of their blood sugar is core to this mission because blood sugar imbalance promotes weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and so many other health complications.

My promise to you is that if you take this short quiz and follow my advice… controlling your blood sugar will become significantly easier.

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